Kids see Things that Adults can’t see

As children, we all had a third-eye. When and how do we lose that?


Freewheeling through Rural Andalusia: The Via Verde of Seville (Photo Story)

I felt as if I had secretly tagged along and then I found that I was really enjoying the bike ride alongside Tim. I loved it so much that I’ve decided to reblog. And the photography– oh the photography, excellent. I’ll let it rest in my site for a while. Hope you don’t mind Tim. Thank you. Selma.

Lives and Times

Not far north of Seville, there is a track winding back through the northern slopes of Andalusia, through the Sierra Morena, a gorgeous corrugated mountain range covered in olive and oak trees under which graze pigs, sheep and goat. The track follows and old railway line built a century ago to service an iron mine at the end of the line. Mostly dead straight and mostly an easy incline, the Via Verde is the perfect way to see Andalusia by bike. I followed its twenty or so kilometres up and back to see what I could see.

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in English and in Japanese. A poem that awakens the child within.   HEARTS Even though my mother is big and grownup, My mother's heart must be small. 'Cause, my mother said, It's been all filled up with little me. But, even though I am little and just a child, My heart must be big. …

This Old House

...This old house In an odd way has been my friend Never had to say I'm sorry For a birthday card I didn't send I guess you'd think I was crazy If I thanked them for all these years For the good times and heartaches For all the laughter and tears (Poem by Lagaya Evans)