Thank you, Mr. Ramclam

by Selma

To Sir, with Love and Appreciation.

People come into our lives for a reason. Some enter to teach us lessons about life, others to teach us lessons we need to learn about ourselves. Yet others are paid to teach us the lessons we need to learn in order to find the meaning of life. When done from clear-sighted earnestness, teachers deserve the prize for conjuring cohesion and purpose out of students. For me, one such person was my English Literature Teacher in High School. There were others who set me straight, but none more timely than shy Mr. Ramclam. And though he might never read this I want to send this letter out to the Universe where it will be turned into blessings for my dear Mr. Ramclam wherever he might be. Thank you, Sir.

Concurrently, I have included a letter that I read today from a twitter thread from someone placed in my life today to teach me a lesson. I’ll name her: Marylee MacDonald, through whom I came to know about Thank you two for the timely present. Sending out blessings to them as well.

The letter by Mr. Camus brought tears to my eyes today.
Born to an illiterate mother who was nearly deaf and losing his father in WW1, Albert and his older brother faced a dim future. It was then that a teacher by the name of Louis Germaine took the young Albert under his wing and nurtured the boy. Well, that boy went on to become a philosopher and the youngest recipient at the time of the Nobel Laureate. He then went on to write the letter I quote above.

Today I pay homage to Mr. Albert Camus (1913 – 1960) for causing me to think of my Mr. Ramclam.
To borrow a line from the great master: I embrace you with all my heart. Thank you, Sir.


3 Replies to “Thank you, Mr. Ramclam”

  1. This was a lovely piece. I , too, had a “Mr. Ramclam” in my life. As an English teacher, he got to read all the good, bad and ugly writing that I was producing during high school. He was always there to encourage , offer criticism and mark up my writing as needed. When I launched my blog, I sent him a message. He visited and read my first post. And although he liked my writing, he reminded me that there’s still that great book inside me waiting to come out. Thank you “Mr Ramclam” for still being there for me.
    Please write more for us to enjoy!!

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    1. So glad this one found a tiny place in your heart. And even gladder to know that you had a Mr. Ramclam in your life as well. I wish it for everyone. Where would WE be today without them… I haven’t won any novel prizes, probably never will but I have won big time for having had Mr. Ramclam around to help me see words in a different way. I am so happy you left me a comment. Thanks.

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