Their Ears, Not Pierced

by Selma 

February and March had me busy working on this contest piece. I worked hard on it, submitted and Short Fiction Break Magazine published it. Yay! 

I didn’t win the contest but certainly emerged a Winner in more ways than one. I invite you to Please read in its entirety. Thank you. And I’d be thrilled to read your comments… 

Thanks again. Selma 


6 Replies to “Their Ears, Not Pierced”

      1. I had to read Cien Años de Soledad 40 years ago, at Uni, before I could even speak Spanish well.
        I had to give it another go later on, after getting to grips with the language…
        It’s a true masterpiece!
        Regards. Marie.


      2. I was totally in love with the language/words he used… much more than with the magical realism genre. Impressive that you read that book in Spanish. Wow. Muy Admirable Amiga!! It’s a very long read. That’s why now you have such a good command of español !! 👏

        On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 18:44 Intricacies and Follies wrote:



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